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The Oregon Technology in Education Network (OTEN) is a consortium of six institutions of higher education devoted to increasing thoughtful and effective ways of integrating technology in classrooms, K-college. The six institutions: Concordia University, George Fox University, Pacific University, University of Portland, Corban College, and Willamette University were initially supported with a grant by AT&T in 2000-01. OTEN was then funded with $1.3 million over three years (2001-04) by the United States Department of Education Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology (PT3) program.

In the Fall of 2001 the OTEN received a PT3 grant designed to assist a consortium of Oregon Universities in preparing future teachers for a profession that will increasingly utilize applications of technology as powerful pedagogical tools. Click HERE for more information on the OTEN's PT3 grant

OTEN is using a systematic approach to address each of the ISTE NETS for Teachers phases of a student teacher’s development: general preparation, teacher education coursework, student teaching, and support in their first year of teaching. We will achieve four goals: 1) Provide a systemic and recurring catalyst for new thinking; 2) Integrate technology into instruction at teach preparation phase; 3) Nurture innovative thinkers to become leaders; and 4) Provide timely and sufficient technological and curricular support.

Through regional gatherings, OTEN capitalizes on the collective knowledge and creativity of our combined faculty, students, and school site mentor teachers. Using the Internet as a vehicle, student teachers are accessing technology integrated, standards based curriculum; online technical support, and opportunities to critically reflect on their growing knowledge of teaching through digital artifacts from K-12 classrooms. Student teachers’ web sites serve them as portals for their K-12 classroom activity. Through mini-grants, technology conference grants, and a technology lending library, OTEN participants are developing exciting new ways to enhance students’ learning. Lastly, OTEN provides the technical and curricular support necessary so innovators can become leaders.

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