OTEN Awarded New Grant!
TQE-P grant being awarded to OTEN by Donna Foxley, Representative from the U.S. Department of Education. Receiving the check are Grant Director Jim Carroll, and coauthors Mark Bailey and Steve Rhine.
On Tuesday September 21st, 2004 the Oregon Technology in Education Network was awarded a federal grant of aproximately $1.5 million dollars that will support partnerships among teacher preparation institutions and high-need school districts. This Teacher Quality Enhancement - Partnership (TQE-P) grant is designed to improve teacher recruitment, preparation and quality.

The partnership grant that was awarded to the OTEN will support technology competent teacher leaders (TCTL) in high needs K-12 schools associated with the OTEN schools of education. These teachers will be provided curricular and technology resources designed to improve student learning through the implementation of superior technology-enhanced lessons. Pre-service teachers will be placed in TCTL classrooms for clinical experiences in which they must design and teach technology-enhanced lessons that will be observed by TCTL and university supervisors. The OTEN will develop grant, collaboration, and curricular resources for first year teachers who have participated in OTEN activities during teacher preparation programs. Content area methods instructors will be supported in cross-campus, collaborative efforts to improve content area teacher preparation. Data gathered from TCTL classrooms and first year teaching experiences will be used for review of teacher education programs to better prepare teachers for high needs schools and improve student achievement in those schools.
Outcomes of the grant work include: improved student achievement, implementation of superior technology-enhanced teaching, effective teaching from early career teachers and improve teacher education programs. The grant activities and assessments are designed around four goals:
1. Increasing student achievement in TCTL and other K-12 classrooms in high needs schools;
2. Providing high quality clinical experiences for pre-service teachers;
3. Adjusting teacher education programs to better prepare new teachers to use technology;
4. Improving the capability of first-year teachers to apply technology to improve student achievement.

The OTEN is honored to receive this grant, and is excited about the opportunity to continue to support the work of teachers at all levels of our educational system.

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